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Helena Kelman

Hypnotherapist | Life Coach | Relax Kids Coach

I am very passionate about helping others and help people face their fears, anxieties and barriers to enjoying a full, happy and healthy life. My reason and passion for helping and caring for others comes from a place very close to my heart; caring for my daughter Lisa who has cerebral palsy, startle seizures and learning difficulties. She never gives up on her goals no matter how difficult and is an inspiration not only to myself, but to others.  The day she was born changed my life forever as did the day my son Gary was born 22 years ago. He is the most kind, caring, compassionate and selfless young man who has never once put his own self first in his life.  Both of them put me on a journey which I never imagined 25 years ago would lead me to become a trained hypnotherapist and life coach. They both keep me focused on my own goals and dreams and  I truly believe everything is possible.

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I have worked with many individuals to help them overcome fears, anxieties and barriers. Take a look at some of the feedback my clients have provided.

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